Implantology Motor

Two motor connections, footswitch, irrigation pump and 10 stored programs for each of the two motors ensures efficient, precise functionality in the MD30. Smooth seams and contours ensure easy cleaning of the device, and contra angles equipped with LEDs enable improved visibility and safety.

  • Customize the device with advanced settings in the configuration menu.
  • Intelligent safety system with acoustic and optical signal and additional blocking of motor drive (e.g. open pump compartment, disconnected motor or pedal).
  • 70 Ncm of maximum torque at the 20:1 contra angle with real time graphic torque control on display.
  • Robust, high quality architecture.
  • Integrated pump system for instrument cooling to prevent tissue damage.
  • Advanced motor system with sophisticated motor control for smooth and precise power delivery in any range of speed.
  • 5Multifunctional pedal with motor selection, pump performance adjustment, program selection and motor speed control.
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